3 Tips for Tackling Spring Cleaning

Friday Mar 22nd, 2019


Spring has offically sprung! Bring on the outdoor activities, backyard barbecues and warm wather, right?  The majority of us would happily welcome all of these, but before the springtime festivities begin, homeowners have a task that many would probably prefer to skip - spring cleaning.

The custom of spring cleaning is a March tradition, when the wather is finally warm enough to open the windows but cold enough to keep the bugs away.  So, in honour of this ritual, here are a few ways to get organized and tackle spring cleaning:

Make a Plan

Seems obvious, but you'd be surprised how many families jump in without one.  Having a plan will ensure that you have cleaned and covered all areas.  There is an endless supply of printable checklists online;  choose the one that best fits your needs, and as you complete the tasks, you can (happily) cross them off the list.

Involve the Family

Divide and conquer.  Encourage the whole family to help by incorporating games with the chores. Make it a race or have an assembly line. The dirtier the task, the better the reward.

Don't Forget Your Home's Exterior

After a long-cold winter we're ready to feel some sun on our shoulders.  Here's your excuse to organize and tidy up outdoors.  Wash the winter sludge off the windows, clean out the gutters, rake and fertilize the lawn, and organize the garage.

Hopefully, these quick tips will make the task of spring cleaning seem a little less daunting.


Spring means the busy home-buying and selling season is just around the corner. Are you looking to make a move? Contact me today!


*source RE/MAX.com


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